Since 2005 located at the corner of South Main and Mary St. in Jacksonville's Historic San Marco

What makes Appetites Café different…we are committed to quality and yes we know you hear that a lot.  But consider this:  ALL of our soups are made in-house from fresh Vegetables, Herbs and Meats…if you want to know what is in it just ask: we know every ingredient because we put them in there!  Baked Goods: Homemade!  Salads: Homemade! Fresh Sandwich Breads, Ciabatta and Pita are delivered every day.  In addition to our regular menu of traditional and Signature Sandwiches, Hamburgers and Salads we prepare a wide variety of Creative Hot Specials, Sandwiches, Salads and Lo-Cal/Lite options that vary each week and with the changing seasons.  The weekly specials are distributed via email each week so please let us know if you would like to be included in our weekly mailings by entering your information on our Contact Us page.    What else?  Our espresso is roasted locally and ground fresh for each shot.  Ghiradelli and Monin syrups are used exclusively in our Lattes, Iced Lattes and Frozen Frappes.  We proudly use Boar’s Head meats and Cheeses.  Our teas are from China Mist.



Appetite's Café

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